Once Upon a Time – The Scent Story

From the streets of Lahore to the pathways of London ❤️


Perhaps the scent that is dearest to me because of its very personal backstory, embedded in my childhood.

Once Upon a Time takes me back to those hot summer days where after the school bus dropped me back home, my mum would prepare a cooling glass of Sandalwood syrup with little cubes of ice floating inside. Sandalwood, along with its calming scent, is also cooling and mood boosting, It has several anti – inflammatory properties as well.

I would take this glass up to my room, curling in front of the fan with a good book. That topped with my ever favourite flavour and scent: Vanilla, Once Upon a Time was born. It reminds me of peaceful, simpler times and books. Long summer evenings curled up with a good book, in the middle of all that was comfortable and familiar.

I hope my candle will bring you similar peace amidst the chaos of life and inspire you to dive into your own story.

Once Upon a Time Recipe:

  • 1 Drink of Choice
  • 1 Good book
  • 1 Once Upon a Time cande
  • 1 or multiple furr babies (optional but highly recommended)

Serve with a soft blanket or fan (weather dependent) ENJOY!

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