Review: A Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches

A Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches

by Sangu Mandanna



A delicious cake of a book with cosy fantasy as base, found family icing and delicious witchiness as toppings! This book had it all! I loved Mika’s humour, and I absolutely frikkin adored Ian… but Mika’s happy retriever stole the show

It even has that broody librarian that we cannot resist.

Mika is an orphaned witch that has a few followers on her real but unreal witchy youtube page- she has been raised by strangers and told to hide her magic and live a solitary life as a witch. She hasn’t known what a family is, or what is it like to belong. That is until she at a whim decides to pursue a job as a teacher to 3 little witches at the Nowhere House.

Who knew nowhere is exactly where she was meant to be?

For me, this goes right there with Legends and Latte as mt favourite cosy fantasies!

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