Most Popular Questions

NO Paraffin Wax

Our candles are 100% natural SOY wax, kind to us, our pets and the environment

Paraffin candles are made from petroleum as by product of gasoline, and produce chemicals that are not just harmful for animals but also for us.


Our pets, cats and dogs especially have a very strong sense of smell, much more than us, very strong smelling candles (such as most mass producing brands) can be disturbing to your kitty or doggy. We carefully select our candles and make sure we stay clear of scents such as citrus, which are especially annoying to our little fur babies.

Phthalate FREE, Please!

Many mass produced fragrances include phthalate, which has in recent studies been shown to be harmful to again, not only your pet, but to your health as well. 

We try our best to choose scents that are FREE of such chemicals.

Unbleached, Cotton or Wooden Wicks

Bleached wicks produce an unclean burn, which is harmful for us, our pets and the environment.

So, we go for unbleached cotton wick or wooden wick candles.

Lastly we make our candles vegan and cruelty free for a happy, relaxing and guilt free time ❤️

Always! We take this very seriously. You will find CLP labelling at the bottom of all of our candles.

Our candles are normally dispatched within 2-3 business days, however, if the dispatch time is longer, it will clearly state whilst you purchase.

At the moment, we only have 2nd class Royal Mail Delivery, which promised to deliver within 2-3 business days after dispatch, but unfortunately that part is not in our control.

Hopefully, in future, we can offer other, faster delivery options too!

Your satisfaction means everything to us! In even of candle arriving broken, we would instantly post you another one given you provide us with a picture.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with our  candle, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll see what I can do for you on case to case basis 🙂

Yes! our hand painted range of candles are one of a kind each, and hand painted by me, AKA my original artwork! 

Each candle takes me 2-3 hours to paint and I upload the process on our Instagram and YouTube. 

PS: if you don’t follow us already, go ahead and do it!


I will always test our Tester candles several times before sending them off to our Newsletter subscribers. These candles are new scents that I’m trying so need a feedback, but they are 100% safe and tested!