The Artist

Meeting the Artist…

Sehrish is a post-impressionism inspired artist currently residing in London, UK. Growing up in Lahore, Pakistan during the 1990s and 2000s, things that inspired her as a child were animals, colours, feminism, books and rain.

Money raised from her work is almost entirely in aid of animal rescue and awareness campaigns and is to raise funds for her charity, South Asian Compassion Initiative. She is also a member of Art of Compassion Project and has had her art posters sold at several festivals in aid of different animal welfare sanctuaries and charities. If you wish to support animal welfare as well as an independent artist, check out her artwork and writing!

Holding on hard to these childhood inspirations, she continued writing and painting. After six years of being a professional writer for different commercial blogs, she gave the profession up which was “eating up her soul and creativity” to become a full-time animal welfare professional.

However, she claimed her creativity back and continues to paint and write. She paints mainly in acrylic, and writes prose, poetry, educational articles as well as short stories.

PS: Two of her biggest inspirations are her two cats, Frodo and Tia and she is obsessed with them.

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