The Tale of Soledad's Atelier's

I am an artist, a dreamer and a writer

I believe a complete art experience should cater to many of our senses: scent, vision, imagination and sound. I loved candles, cosy living, art and writing, and a year ago, it dawned on me… I can combine all of this to create a perfect little package that speaks to all your senses and imagination. 

Result I present to you my hand painted candles, my specifically curated scents and my blog with all things cosy!

Painted book edges - custom orders! I use vegan gouache paints, toxic free.

We use 100% soy wax. No strong or citrusy scents to keep our furry friends happy!

BOOKISH MERCHANDISE, Hand-designed by me!

Bookmarks, Bookish Stickers and Surprise Book-sets where you can pick the GENRE you want and candles as well!

Eco-Friendly & Natural

Pet Friendly

We make sure our scents are free of toxic chemicals, wax is natural and scents are not too strong or harsh for our pets. Pets are family!

Cruelty Free

All our fragrances are always 100% cruelty free

Phthalate Free

Many mass produced fragrances include phthalate, which according to studies has been shown to be harmful to us and our pets

100% Vegan

All ingredients used are Vegan and kind to everybody!

Some Lovely Reviews

Curated for You

Our Wooden & Cotton Wick Range

100% Soy Wax 

CLP Compliant Fragrances

Hand poured in England!


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